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Your time in life has come to embrace happiness, to attain what you have always desired for, to achieve what you & your family truly deserve, To love, and to be loved, To 'Get More', more than most others get.

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Seasons means "ritu" in the India calendar, and there are six ritus (also transliterated rutu).

The word is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word Rtú, a fixed or appointed time, especially the proper time for sacrifice (yajna) or ritual in Vedic religion; this in turn comes from the word Rta), as used in Vedic Sanskrit literally means the "order or course of things".

Seasons are an integral part of our life. They change as per their time, and if you are with your loved ones in your dream home, you shall enjoy the joys of each season as they bring with them new hope, more happiness and a positive energy.